Engagement rings Minnesota, Engagement Rings MN, Engagement Rings MinneapolisThis is one of the most common questions we get from customers and it comes said in a variety of ways:

  • How do I know my ring size?
  • How to figure out your ring size?
  • How to find out your ring size?
  • How to find ring size?
  • How to find your ring size?
  • How to measure ring size at home?
  • How to measure your ring size?
  • How to tell your ring size?
  • What ring size am I?


There are many factors that go in to determining your finger size, including;

  • The width of the ring – The wider the ring, the tighter it fits
  • The size of your knuckle
  • Your temperature – The warmer you are the larger your finger
  • What you ate the night before – Salt can inflate your fingers

That being said the best way to determine your finger size is to have it professionally measured. In the event that you need to have a ring sized, we can usually complete the work very quickly. We have three in house goldsmiths to perform the work on site. If you need the ring back quickly for an occasion, don’t worry, let your Repair Specialist know when you need it and we’ll do everything in our power to accommodate your needs.