Whether it’s neglected heirlooms, past relationships or broken jewelry, with more than three decades of buying experience, Continental Diamond is well known for offering the best prices in Minnesota for diamonds, jewelry and watches.  Through our experience, we have learned the importance of meeting with clients in a discreet and safe setting.  You can be confident when selling at Continental Diamond that you are working with one of the largest and the most fair and honest buyer in the state of Minnesota.

The Continental Diamond Estate Buying advantages:

  • Quick and secure payment by check.
  • A fully transparent valuation process.
  • A knowledgeable staff known for fairness and integrity.
  • Huge in stock selection of diamonds, jewelry and watches available for trade.

Learning the cash value of your unwanted jewelry is only part of the selling experience at Continental Diamond.  The Trade-In value of your old jewelry and watches can also be applied toward a new item and can often be 10-15% higher than the cash price.  The most important aspect of the selling process to us is honesty.  Sometimes we’ll suggest that you keep an item, sell it on your own or give it to a friend or relative.  Ask your friends about Continental Diamond, or read about us in our online reviews, then Contact Us to schedule an appointment to have us view your diamonds, jewelry and watches.