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The folks at Bremont have been busy over in London; they are working on building a new factory, they launched a collection of watches with hand painted dials done by Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones and released a commemorative piece paying homage to the Spruce Goose. 


Ronnie Wood 1947 Collection


Spruce Goose H4 Hercules Collection



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Then this pandemic hit and without skipping a beat, Bremont submitted their application to the government to chip in by converting their factory to making ventilators;

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With all of this going on, they were still able to launch a watch with one of the coolest stories in both Mountaineering and Watchmaking!  The story is that of Nirmal Purja and can be seen here in this video; Watch Video 

Last week, Bremont launched a watch to commemorate this historic and record setting feat. 

Project Possible Limited Edition


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As long as we’re talking Bremont and it’s being new to Continental Diamond, we have to also mention their long running partnership with Martin Baker.  It’s a fantastic story, with an amazing collection to match! 

Martin-Baker Collection


Continential Diamond