Continental Diamond is home to the largest on hand selection of diamonds in the Twin Cities. We own diamonds accompanied by reports from two of the world’s most prestigious gem labs; GIA, and AGS.

We own our diamonds!

The result of which benefits our customers in two ways:

  • We purchase at the best possible price and pay quickly in order to pass that savings on to our customers. Our prices and quality will rival those online.
  • We hand select each diamond. Most stores and websites post a “suppliers list” containing diamonds they may not have seen. Our customers can be confident that we thought highly enough of each of our diamonds to invest in them.

In addition to value, we offer many advantages to our customer’s over other stores and online:

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Our customers have the opportunity to interact with incredible career diamond professionals. Our experts will guide you and offer insight that you do not get from most other sources.
  • View & compare our diamonds side-by-side
  • We offer diamonds by 3 major gem labs and will explain the pros and cons of each. We have no interest in selling you one or the other. We prefer to educate our customers so they make the best decision for themselves.
  • In addition to a sales professional, we offer the onsite expertise of 3 goldsmiths, and experienced jewelry repair professionals
    A huge in-stock selection of rings in our showroom
    We are locally-owned and operated and support our local non-profit community
  • Jimmy & Helain Pesis, “We just flat out care more about our customers than most other jewelers”

If it is perfection you are in search of, we proudly offer diamonds by Crafted by Infinity of Antwerp, Belgium. Each round brilliant diamond is cut to exceed the industry’s highest standards for both cut precision and light return. Every CBI diamond is accompanied by an AGS Platinum Report.

Begin your diamond search by learning about diamonds. Click here to start your education, or Contact one our sales professionals and begin your diamond search.