Your Story,
Our Passion: Forever.

Everyone is Welcome

In 1981, Jimmy and Helain Pesis founded Continental Diamond with a clear vision in mind – to establish an inviting and respectful environment for everyone. Their commitment to creating raving fans and lasting memories has driven Continental Diamond's success for over four decades. Whether you're a first-time buyer or a passionate collector, your experience with us remains our top priority.

The Most Amazing, Educated and Experienced Team in the Industry!

We are a team of highly educated and experienced professionals. Our team is made up of career driven associates, many of whom have been in the business for over 20 years. We have three master goldsmiths, four gemologists and eleven GIA diamond experts – along with many other certified professional jewelry and timepiece specialists.

Our Infamous "We Care More Attitude!"

People often comment on how different our vibe is from other jewelry stores. It’s not the paint or décor that makes us unique –in fact we’re located on the first floor of a ten story office building; what we’ve realized that makes us different, is truly our “We Care More” attitude.

We Value & Support Our Community

Continental Diamond takes pride in advocating for our visitors and customers, while also deeply engaging as a vital member of our community. With roots firmly planted in Minnesota, Jimmy and Helain, having grown up, raised their children, and built their company here, are deeply invested in the welfare of our state. Partnering with Continental Diamond means joining a collective endeavor to support one another and uplift our community.

A Truly Unique Shopping Experience

Long before “experiences” were a thing, Continental Diamond became known as an oasis.  With our relaxed, non-commissioned, stuffy-free atmosphere, you’ll find lots of laughter, hugging, life conversations, our famous freshly-baked cookies and maybe if you’re lucky even some visiting puppies.