Continental Spotlight: The 24K ARA Collection 


HPesis SilhouetteAs part of this week's Spotlight, we sat down with Helain Pesis, owner and fashion buyer to discuss the new arrivals by ARA.

Tell me a little about ARA and why you chose to bring in their jewelry collection?Ara2

I have an art background and love the handcrafted jewelry designs by ARA. I consider each piece of jewelry a work of art. Each one is very unique. The richness of the 24 kt yellow gold and the combination of the gold and the blackened silver is so warm and beautiful. I recently personally purchased a necklace! I love how I can wear it with jeans, leggings or a work outfit. The owners of ARA are very involved in their company and have been a great partner with Continental Diamond.

What have you noticed about the ARA collection over the years, and what do you like about their collections overall?

They always keep the core elements of the jewelry. Their use of many unique gems, old coins and original designs always make me eager to see what is new each season!

What do you enjoy about the ARA collection we have now in the store?

I am lucky that I get to hand-choose what we include in Continental Diamond’s in-store collection. I always think of our customers when making my choices; what they would like, what is a good value and is this something they will be able to wear often. Whether it is a pair of earrings, a necklace or a bracelet….this jewelry will add so much style to one’s jewelry wardrobe and outfit.

How does ARA jewelry add to one's jewelry wardrobe?

I wear a lot of black in my wardrobe…as do many women. The pop of 24 kt gold, a bright gem or the combination of gold and silver is perfect addition to complete any look. Anyone who likes something unique and handcrafted will love ARA!

Ara Collection

Ara Collection takes pride in its quality and workmanship. Each piece is created by hand in a small workshop in Turkey. Inspiration for the collection comes from the rich history of ancient Anatolian Civilizations and the beauty of the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea.



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