History of A.Jaffe

Abraham Jaffe founded A. JAFFE in 1892 when he was 26 years old. He always had an eye for design, and wanted to establish a name for himself. A. J started on Maiden Lane in Manhattan, New York, where it slowly grew to where it is now (on 47th Street, in the diamond district). His artistic designs used cutting edge technology and high level craftsmanship. This is how A. JAFFE became known for its elegant sophistication. 
Building 560 X 270
Jaffe’s solitaire and three stone set designs are what solidified his place in the bridal jewelry space. Ever since, he has created numerous different designs and techniques for engagement rings. He also patented his Signature Shank, which allows the diamond to stay centered and balanced all the time with its subtle squaring at the shank. He is also known for his quilted line. The brand’s newest innovation, a quilt pattern in the inside of the shank, creates peaks and valleys to allow air flow along the finger. This makes the ring more breathable and causes it to spin less. The rings are also all hypoallergenic and 100% nickel free. This makes their strength, durability and luster unmatchable, staying brighter longer and safer for all skin types and sensitivities. 
Signature Shank
The creation of these rings takes many steps. Designers start with a sketch of the design that can take weeks to complete. The design is then put into a computer to create a 3D model that allows the team to fine tune every angle, and make sure the design is structurally sound. Then, the model is made into wax in order to cast the ring with different metals. After casting it is burnished to create a less porous metal, with six different polishing stages that help it shine from any angle. The hand-selected diamonds are then set into the bands (or shank). Each prong is hand-crafted and smoothed so that they won’t catch on one's clothing. This whole process takes about 80 hours to complete. Each of these rings are created by a master jeweler, and are triple checked by other jewelers to give each customer a lifetime guarantee of its value, craftsmanship and beauty. 
Every design is not only made of the highest quality, but with comfort as a priority. Each collection has one thing in common, “a New York state of mind with inspiration from a different facet of New York- The Roaring 20s, art deco, central park.” All of this combined gives A. JAFFE 120 years of promise to their value, with many more years to come. 
5 Rings
Continental Diamond loves A. JAFFE for numerous reasons. “I started at CD 26 years ago and A. JAFFE stood out to me instantly due to their quality, customer service and styles,” Beth Kato said. A. JAFFE has a long and honorable history along with their superior craftsmanship and unfailing attention to detail. All of this makes A. JAFFE an excellent choice for your forever piece. 

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