Our 5 Steps to Engagement

We have simplified the process to 5 steps to follow when buying an engagement ring, to ensure you choose the perfect ring for your partner and make the experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Set A Budget!

There are many choices when it comes to diamond, engagement ring and wedding band shopping. Knowing your range allows us to configure different options that fit within your budget.

Investigate Their Ring Size & Style

Not necessary, however knowing your partner's style and ring size are two things that are helpful before shopping for the perfect ring. We've assembled a few tricks to help you in your search.


Schedule A Visit

Setting up an appointment to look at diamonds and engagement rings is not required, but extremely encouraged. The first appointment usually takes about one hour. While we cater to many different requests and styles, here are the three most common steps during an engagement ring visit:

Diamond Selection

A diamond is the most durable gemstone and why they are the traditional choice for the center. Viewing diamonds in-person is always recommended.


Selecting A Ring Style

Ring designs can enhance the size and shape of the center as well as vary in quality. We have many different styles to see and feel in our store.


Selecting the Metal Type

The precious metal Gold comes in white, yellow or a rose color. Platinum, a stronger metal comes in a white color.

We love our people and think you will too!

When visiting Continental Diamond, you'll be greeted by the top sales associates in the industry who are not pushy or arrogant. They are educated, experienced, and sincerely care about you and your experience. Advocating and advising you on your decision - never pushing you into a purchase. Our team is made up of immensly talented, fun and caring people who we love and think you will too!

"Very helpful, found a wonderful engagement ring. After looking at several jewelers Continental Diamond had the best selection, and the best service, never really tried to sell me on anything—very aware of the budget and worked hard to keep under it." - Karl J., [Google February 2023]
Order the Ring

While we have rings available that can have a diamond set in them that day, usually the engagement ring selected will need to be specially ordered in the appropriate ring size and metal selection. Special orders usually take around 6 to 8 weeks to complete. It's best to keep this in mind when thinking about timing a proposal.

Financing is Available

We recommend checking different lenders for the best possible rates and terms.

Learn more about special financing options through Wells Fargo.

Present The Ring

Offering your hand in marriage is a signifcant step in your journey together. Every relationship is different and unique, and your proposal can reflect that.

Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are what is traditionally exchanged on the wedding day. Worn closest to the heart, wedding bands can come in a variety of sizes and styles. We look forward to scheduling an appointment for you and your partner to shop!

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