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Whether you're looking for a plain band or a stylized band, we have a large selection of in-stock wedding and stacking bands.

Our team is able to customize most rings in metal color, metal type, thickness, gemstones, and size. We also offer custom design services for that most-unique design!

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      Wedding Bands

      What materials are wedding bands made of?
      Wedding bands are typically made from a variety of metals, including gold (in various karats such as 10k, 14k, 18k, or 24k), platinum, palladium, titanium, tungsten, and stainless steel. Each metal has its own unique properties and characteristics.

      How do I choose the right wedding band width?
      The width of a wedding band is a matter of personal preference and style. Some factors to consider when choosing the width include the size of your finger, the size and shape of your engagement ring (if you have one), and your personal taste. Trying on different widths can help you determine what looks and feels best on your hand.

      Do wedding bands come in different finishes?
      Yes, wedding bands come in a variety of finishes, including polished (shiny), satin (matte), brushed (textured), hammered (dimpled), and combinations of these finishes. The choice of finish can affect the overall look and style of the band.

      Can wedding bands be resized?
      Yes, most wedding bands can be resized by a skilled jeweler. However, some metals, such as tungsten and titanium, cannot be resized due to their hardness and composition. It's essential to check with your jeweler to determine if your specific band can be resized.

      Should wedding bands match?
      Whether wedding bands should match is entirely up to personal preference. Some couples choose matching bands for a cohesive look, while others prefer bands that reflect their individual styles. It's essential to choose bands that you both love and feel comfortable wearing for a lifetime.

      How do I care for my wedding band?
      To keep your wedding band looking its best, it's essential to clean it regularly with mild soap and warm water using a soft brush or cloth. Avoid exposing your band to harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, and store it separately to prevent scratching. Regular maintenance and professional cleaning can help maintain the band's luster and shine.