Legacy Diamonds

It's all in the name: Legacy. Because it's more than just a diamond. It’s a masterwork … an instant heirloom meant to bring joy to its caretaker and successive generations. It's skillfully crafted by a master diamond cutter cuts to standards that go well beyond the traditional definition of Excellent. Exacting attention to physical and optical precision, and adherence to the industry's tightest proportion targets, result in a symphony of white and colored light … what diamond connoisseurs call brilliance, dispersion, and scintillation. For you, it simply means enduring beauty and allure. A Legacy diamond really will last — because its caretakers will treasure it and its legacy … forever.

    Meticulously Crafted 
    Hearts & Arrows 
    Unmatched Sparkle & Fire
    AGS "Ideal" Cut
    Cherished Forever
    Unmatched Sparkle, Brilliance, and Beauty!

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