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Jewelry Insurance Appraisals

A jewelry appraisal is most often performed on jewelry that the owner intends to add to their insurance policy. Independent jewelry appraisers record all of the details that an insurer will need in order to replace your item with a new item of like kind and quality in the event it Is lost or stolen.

The appraiser will use these details to assign a value to the item based on a client’s desire to replace it with a brand new piece at retail (retail replacement value), or with a similar pre-owned item around the same age as the item that was lost or stolen (fair market value).

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Certificate of Sale Appraisal

A certificate of sale will be provided complimentary upon request for a new item purchased from us. This is the document that your insurance company will require to add a new item to your policy and will be insured at the price you purchased it for.

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Appointments are recommended but not required.  

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Message Us A Description

We must see the item in person to give an official offer. However, to better serve you, you can message us with a description of the item and we can let you know if we have initial interest in purchasing the item(s), prior to visiting our store.