Just Launched: Omega Constellation Meterorite Collection



Just Launched: Omega Constellation Meteorite Collection

Omega has unveiled a collection comprising of 20 distinct Constellation models, each showcasing meteorite dials. This new lineup offers a spectrum of materials, including stainless steel and solid gold adorned with diamonds. The Omega Constellation Meteorite watches are available in four varying case sizes, ranging from 25mm to 41mm. Additionally, the meteorite dials on several models have undergone a meticulous color treatment process, resulting in a plethora of unique appearances within Omega's latest offerings.



Color Technology:

To further enhance the look of each dial, OMEGA has employed its most advanced color technologies, such as PVD and galvanic treatments. This innovative approach means that a wide variety of captivating options are available.

Key Materials:

    Titanium alloys are light, corrosion-resistant, biochemically inert and able to withstand extreme temperatures. These properties make them particularly appropriate for products in the aircraft, spacecraft and medical sectors. They achieve the perfect balance between solidity, corrosion-resistance and workability. Grade 5 titanium offers a bright grey color that is close to that of stainless steel, and suits both "brushed" and "polished" finishing.

    Stainless steel is certainly the most conventional of watchmaking materials for outer craftsmanship, and offers beauty, strength and affordability. OMEGA uses 316L stainless steel. Known for its corrosion-resistance and high lustre after polishing, this material is often the ideal choice for watches in both daily-use and high-stress situations such as diving and adventure.

    Meteorites are extra-terrestrial stones, mainly containing iron. With OMEGA's unrivalled connection to space, the use of this material is particularly appropriate. Iron meteorite is prized by designers for its criss-cross Widmanstätten pattern, which refers to the ribbon-like flecks that are revealed after special processing.

    To really appreciate the finer details of a timepiece, OMEGA uses synthetic sapphire crystal with a highly scratch-resistant and anti-reflective treatment. Before the machining and finishing processes take place, the sapphire crystals are produced under the Verneuil process, also called flame fusion. It involves the melting of the raw substance using oxyhydrogen flame and the crystallisation of the melted droplets to form a cylinder. Graded 9 on the Mohs-hardness scale (graded 1-10), the resulting sapphire crystals are virtually scratch-proof and very hard, ensuring an unhindered vision at all times.

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